What is Advertising And Why it’s important for your business?

The best way to communicate to the customers is Advertising. Advertising helps informs the customers about the brands available in the market and the variety of products useful to them. Advertising is for everybody including kids, young and old. It is done using various media types, with different techniques and methods most suited.

It plays a very important role in today’s age of competition. It is one thing which has become a necessity for everybody in today’s day to day life, be it the producer, the traders, or the customer. Advertising is an important part.


How to use ads for business:

1. Simplify your message

The important role that an ad plays is to inform. Keep it simple and clear to what the consumer wants to know and how will your product make their life better?A simple, straight to the point message is very effective.In order to be effective, an advertisement has to be memorable for the viewer.If the viewer does not remember the ad after viewing it, the company sponsoring the ad is simply wasting time and their money. With an effective advertisement, the viewer should be able to clearly recall what happened during the course of the ad, and more importantly, which product is being advertised.

2. Create ads that spark emotion

A big part of developing an effective advertising campaign is knowing exactly who your target audience is. Fear, anger, happiness, sadness, disgust and surprise are emotions that ads should ensure to capture. Ads that have capitalized on creating an emotional appeal tend to touch the heart in comparison to ads that are primarily entertaining that amuse and dazzle. Capturing the consumer’s heart through getting into their emotions will most definitely leave a huge impact and make an ad more memorable.Chances are the product or service you offer will not appeal to everyone, so it is important to identify the segment of the population that is most likely to need what you have to offer.

3. Integrate high quality visual content

An effective ad will inform the consumer about the product or service you have to offer, but that advertisement also need to entertain the potential buyer. Capturing the attention of the consumer is essential for an effective ad, and the more entertaining your can make that ad the more effective it can be. If it is appropriate, try to incorporate an element of humor into your ad, since that humor helps to capture and hold the attention of the viewer or listener.
Creating a parody of recent events is often a good way to incorporate humor into your advertising campaign.

4. Convey the message to the right target audience

To be relevant, one needs to study their consumers. Get to know how they think and what they need.Ignoring these two questions is shooting yourself in the foot. Great adverts have purposed to get into their customers head hence getting them at their ‘weak’ points through mind blowing, creative, timely and relevant ads.This will influence the time of day one places their ad, the colors to choose, whether they will pick male or female characters and what venue to choose while advertising, among others.

5. Use testimonials

Whenever possible, use testimonials as a leverage as to why potential consumers should consider consuming your products. Most ad companies use celebrities to endorse their products, whereas others build a brand with a consistent character. Either way, make it in such a way that the consumer will believe that the character is who they are as a result of using your products.

6. Consistent message for the brand

An ad is considered effective if the message can be directly linked to the brand. This is possible by;Defining the differentiating factor between your product and competitor’s product. Define your value proposition and capitalize on it in your advertisements.

Try to be consistent on the different advertising platforms, be it digital screens, Facebook, twitter and the likes, consumers should connect the advert and the brand because of its consistency. Coca cola have done a good job at being consistent in advertising throughout the different counties they offer their products to.

7. Give irresistible offers

Ensure that you give an irresistible offer with a reason as to why you are doing it. There is a thin line between giving a great offer and sending a message of ‘it is too good to be true’ subsequently scaring away the very people you intend to attract. A reason like ‘clearing sale’ or ‘trial price’ tend to resonate well with consumers, making them think that they are getting a good deal without making them apprehensive.

All in all, have a great story line for your ad. Whenever consumers need to be convinced, a story does a good work at that. First, get an idea that is controlling, select memorable characters that your target audience relates to. In addition to the above points, whenever possible, offer an irresistible deal and create a sense of urgency to make the product ‘scarce (the webpage on scarcity). Incorporating these two: a great story line and a sense of urgency create a memorable and effective advert respectively.

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